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  • Training courses
  • Coppice rotation plans
  • Grant and felling license applications
  • Unique traditional garden structures designed and created


The traditional craft of coppicing by Phil Hopkinson

Helping restore local woodland

About Phil

I believe that our native Woodlands are a greatly ignored National Asset and that people of all ages and abilities should have the opportunity to spend time and experience the magical atmosphere within English woodland.

Our Woodlands are unique, if managed carefully have the ability to sustain a bio-diverse range of habitats, whilst at the same time being a totally sustainable source of timber and a place for recreation.

With that in mind I aim to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the woodland experience with me, whether it is on a training course, a woodland walk or other activity.

I Coppice professionally full time, making the career change from the printing industry after being made redundant in 2010.
I have been working in local woodlands since 1999 when I first visited Ravenshill Woodland Reserve on an open day and then became involved as a volunteer there.

I now manage areas of the reserve and neighbouring woodland as coppice with standards. I have a woodland workshop used as a base for my coppicing courses and a camp kitchen.

I help 8 other woodland owners manage their woodlands in a number of ways. From planting new woodland, applying for felling licenses to undertaking practical work such as PWAS removal and coppicing.


I am a founder member of the Malvern Hills Coppice Network which was set up in 2005 and am a member of the Small woods Association and SWOG (small woodland owners group) and was founding Chairman of malvern community forest. A group whose aspiration was to create 13 new Community Woodlands in the area of the ancient Malvern Chase.

I have been running coppicing courses for the last three years for woodland owners, volunteers and other people interested in learning more about traditional woodland management
In July I hosted a day for the Small Woodland Owners Group.

Here is a link to the SWOG August newsletter.

My outdoor structures are all created from local timber, which has been either coppiced or is available as a result of removal of PAWS (Plantations on ancient woodland sites) this woodland management aim is to return local
woodlands to native species only and enrich woodland bio- diversity and improve Dormice, Bird and Bat habitats.

I have developed my own web sites which have generated work for my larger structures in Birmingham London and elsewhere.

I sell coppiced products for the garden such as Pea sticks and Beanpoles to local customers. For customers further afield I would recommend that you purchase small scale products and charcoal from your local coppice worker
as transport costs make it unviable to sell low value products further afield.

If you would like to discuss a particular project please contact me.

All pictures have been taken in woodlands that I have worked.


Phil Hopkinson