The native woods I use are Alder, Ash and Hazel, which have all been cut. as part of a coppice cycle at local woodlands. The structures can be made entirely of native woods or a combination of native woods and Larch. The Larch can be peeled if requested, depending on the desired appearance.


The arbour illustrated above incorporates a seat made from Ash. The main structure is rustic Larch with Ash lattice work. This is priced from £450 including delivery and construction in England and Wales.

(Price depends on location of consruction.)

The arbour above was built to replace an existing structure. The existing climbing rose was retained and the structure built to suit it.

Endorsement from the customer

The arbour Phil designed and built for us is a work of art! We were delighted and cannot recommend him highly enough. Also really resonably priced and punctual.


If you would like to discuss a project in more detail or obtain a quotation please Contact us.

All pictures have been taken by myself in woodlands that I have worked.

All products pictured have been designed and built by me.

Phil Hopkinson