• Coppice & woodland management
  • Woodland consultancy and advice
  • Coppice rotation plans created
  • Coppice training
  • Managing for wildlife
  • Grant applications
  • Felling and thinning
  • Mobile sawmilling
  • Planting/ restocking
  • Access improvements
  • Coppicing courses & training
  • Round wood timber framed buildings
  • Rustic Garden structures designed & built
  • Logstores






We now have a credit and debit card payment facility which enables our customers to pay for courses, tools and structures with a credit card without having a paypal account.


Below is a bueatiful large garden room we are constructing.

The main structure is 10m x 5m. It has a 2m veranda at one end and a porch all along the front. We have used 3000 of our cedar shingles on the 72 square metre roof which is supported by our round wood rustic Larch poles. It has double glazed windows and doors, triple glazed roof lights and is insulated with sheeps wool and Celotext insulation Boards. Internally it is also clad with cement bonded Fireboard. The outside is clad in rustic Larch boards and the interior clad with our Western Red Cedar boards. It has now been inspected and passed by building control.


Below is our latest structure.

A gazebo incorporating an enclosure for an oil tank at the rear.

Below is our latest garden room,

Below is our latest rustic shed

Below is a glamping lodge we have constructed.

We had to initiallly build a deck 5.7m x 4.2m suspended over the water to take the main structure. The lodge is 3.5m x 3.2m with a veranda 2.2m front to back. It is double skinned, insulated with Alpaca fleece in the walls, under the floor and in the ceiling. It is internally clad with Cedar boards. The roof is made from our own Cedar shingles. The lodge includes folding beds which we supplied. The georgian doors and windows are glazed with toughened glass.


Below is our latest pergola which we built in Surrey. It is made from rustic Larch.and is 8m long.

Below is one of one of our unique structures built specifically for a wedding in a hotel. The spec said that it has to be beautiful, self supporting and pre built then delivered and assembled inside prior to the wedding. The wedding ceremony took place underneath the structure. It is pictured at Ready Money Beach in Cornwall.

Below are images of one of our latest commissions. Designed by a local architect and built by us. It features peeled Ash spindles, peeled Larch poles and a floor of Larch boards.

Concept drawing

Below are some of our latest Gazebos made from Western Red Cedar shingles and peeled Larch poles.


Our latest round wood timber framed building

Below are some images of our latest timber framed building. The main structure is peeled Larch. The joints are pegged with Oak It will be clad with Larch and Western red Cedar and incorporates a Pine floor. All sourced from local woodlands we manage


Below is an image of our latest tree house.

The structure illustrated below is constructed from peeled Larch Poles and has Western Red Cedar cladding and shingles

All the timber is from local woodlands that we sustainably manage.

We have now incorporated Malvern logstores into Malvern coppicing.




We now have Charcoal for sale which has been produced at Ravenshill Nature Reserve. It is available from Alfrick Community Shop.

It has been produced from coppiced material that cannot be used for anything else and nees to be removed to allow the native flowers to flourish.


As part of a project to replace conifers with native trees we have recently felled a patch of local Larch, which will be replanted with native broadleaved trees to improve the habitat for birds. We will also be felling small amounts of Western Red Cedar. Larch is ideal for applications where durable timber is required and if peeled will last for years without preservative.

Western Red Cedar is ideal for shingles and cladding the outsides of buildings. Some of the things we've produced include- high quality rustic fencing, cladding for log stores, outbuildings and sheds, posts and rails. We can offer Larch, Oak and Ash as sawn timber. We are now felling Sweat Chestnut. This fantastic durable timber is ideal when it is peeled for poles from which to create garden structures Products such as an outdoor room and pergolas made from both of these timbers will be on display on a show garden and our stand at this year’s spring garden show.

We are now taking orders for BBQ charcoal for this spring and summer. Production of kindling ready for next winter is well under way.


We are now stocking Morris of Dunsford Newtown Billhooks.


We also have a new range of Hand axes and Yorkshire Billhooks for sale.

Phil Hopkinson