• Firewood
  • Kindling
  • Poles- Ash and Silver Birch
  • Scout staves
  • Ash long bow staves
  • Yurt poles
  • Birch poles and sticks
  • Logs
  • Peeled and rustic Larch poles
  • Cedar boarding /cladding
  • Rustic Larch boards
  • Small leaved lime for carving


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Sustainable woodland Products by Malvern Coppicing

Helping restore local woodland


Sustainable woodland products

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to purchase sustainable timber products that are made from a totally sustainable resource from local woodlands.

All the following materials have been cut this season and are available now.


We now have Larch poles and boards available. They are ideal for roundwood buildings and structures.

We supply hedging stakes. Normally 5'6" but other sizes can be supplied. These are made predominantly from hazel and Ash.

We supply poles from 20mm diameter up to 100mm diameter in sizes are up to 5metres long. A range of species including Silver Birch, Ash, Alder and Hazel are available or can be cut to order.

Bean poles – clean rods 8ft long, 1 – 1.5 diameters at the butt end bundled in 10’s from hazel and Ash. AVAILABLE NOW

Pea sticks - 4 ft long well branded with 1ft of clear growth at the bottom
predominantly Hazel but occasionally birch. Other suppliers may use lime.


Flower stakes – 4 ft long straight rods 0.75 – 1.25 in diameter- sharpened
Normally Hazel or Ash - bundles of 12.

Etherings sometimes know as binders– 8ft long minimum cleaned rods, 1” butt diameter bundles of 12. SOLD OUT

We now have Alder, Silver Birch and Ash in lengths from 4ft to 12ft available.

Peeled yurt poles between 1” and 2” diameter up to 11ft long.

Long bow staves from Green Ash 2 metres( 6ft 6") long.

We have Cleaved Ash Long bow stave billets sometimes available.
The diameters of the logs they have been cleaved from are between 6" and 9". We can also supply staves cleaved from larger diameter logs.
Each log has been cleaved into quarters or eigths.

Scout staves. Ash poles 5'6"long with burs removed and sanded. One end chamferred. Sold in bundles of 10.

Swedish torches.Pine and Larch logs with vertical cuts. Brilliant for illuminating Barbecues, parties and outside events taking place at dusk or in the dark.

Cordwood and logs- Any wood over 2” and up to 8” in diameter cut to 6 ft lengths. We have Cedar, Larch and Pine cordwood available now.

Top quality white Ash poles, logs available in lengths up to5m.

Birch poles. Birch poles from 50mm to 200mm diameter.

Small quantities of Wych Elm and small leaved Lime. Cherry and Yew with Beautiful grain.

Pea sticks, bean poles. Stakes for dahlia and Chrysanthemums and pea sticks and small markers for your veg plot. The stakes and pea sticks are hazel. Some bean poles may be small Ash.

kindling made from popular felled as part of a programme to remove non-native species from a local nature reserve.

Seasoned Firewood Including Alder, Cherry, Ash and Oak and Sycamore are available NOW for firewood, logged and split. We deliver loads of approx one cubic metre (equivalent to approx 2 builders bags) locally around Malvern and Worcester.

We also make ladybird houses from locally cut Silver Birch.

I don't supply tree stakes but the specification for them is stakes – 5.5 ft long round or cleft poles, 2.5 – 3” diameter oak or sweet chestnut

If you would like to discuss a potential order please e-mail us at or go to the Contact Us page.

All products pictured have been designed and built by us.